i’m actually pretty scared that no one will ever fall in love with me 

'Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.'
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song: hanging on
sport: beach volleyball
book: world war z
clothing: blue sport shorts
blog: unfooling
food: mixed shawarma
drink: lemon iced tea
shop: divided
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i'm going to be out of the country from june 26th to around august 24th. my blogsitters will be the lovely oragsm, nudely, uncontrasts and kascaid xo

p.s please read my faq if you're about to send me a message asking me to 'check out your blog' or 'tell my followers to vote for you' or 'follow back.' this is because i get so many messages like this and it's annoying to tell them to check the faq over and over so just read it.

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